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Requires imgur API
pip install imgurpython
Requires scrot installed for screenshot (on linux)
sudo apt-get install scrot
Uses built in screencapture on OSX
import prof
import subprocess
import sys
from os import path
from imgurpython import ImgurClient
from imgurpython.helpers.error import ImgurClientError
client_id = '19c4ba3fc2c26ef'
client_secret = 'dd5b0918a2f5d36391d574bd2061c50b47bade63'
client = ImgurClient(client_id, client_secret)
def _cmd_imgur(arg1):
if arg1 == "screenshot":
file_path = "/tmp/_prof_screenshot.png"
if sys.platform == "darwin":"screencapture " + file_path, shell=True)
else:"scrot " + file_path, shell=True)
file_path = path.expanduser(arg1)
except IOError as ioe:
prof.cons_show('Could not find file at ' + file_path)
data = client.upload_from_path(file_path, config=None, anon=True)
except ImgurClientError as e:
prof.log_error('Could not upload to Imgur - ' + e.error_message)
prof.log_error('Imgur status code - ' + e.status_code)
def prof_init(version, status, account_name, fulljid):
synopsis = [
"/imgur <file_path>",
"/imgur screenshot"
description = "Upload an image or screenshot to imgur and send the link"
args = [
[ "<file_path>", "full path to image file" ],
[ "screenshot", "upload a full screen capture" ]
examples = [
"/imgur ~/images/cats.jpg",
"/imgur screenshot"
prof.register_command("/imgur", 1, 1, synopsis, description, args, examples, _cmd_imgur)
prof.completer_add("/imgur", [ "screenshot" ])