An OSM Markdown Parser for epic-osm
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OpenStreetMap Markdown

An OSM Markdown Parser for EPIC-OSM

Given an osmdown file, this package will generate an easy to navigate and analyze html document.

osmdown is built on the vizdown engine


Command Line Usage

Usage: osmbuild [options] [command]


    parse    Simply parse a file, print back to STOUT
    render   Render a string of text
    build    Given an .osmdown file, write HTML
    preview  preview <src> rendered in a web browser


    -h, --help                output usage information
    -V, --version             output the version number
    -d, --destination <path>  A destination for the rendered HTML

Example Build:

osmdown preview ./test/sample.osmdown; open ./test/sample.osmdown.html

Sample Document

An osmdown document starts with YAML frontmatter denoted by ---

title: My osmdown sample document
email: ''

#Analysis Window Information
start_date: '2010-01-01'
end_date:   '2010-12-31'

bbox: '-86.354212,12.084238,-86.133199,12.191113' #Expecting 4 parameters

baseurl: '../'

#This is the title of my document
The content in the codeblock below will be evaluated at build time and the variables are available throughout the rest of the document.

//Code denoted by 3 ticks
var options = {foo: bar}

You can reference variables with curly braces: The value of foo in options is {{ }}

A variety of pre-coded blocks exist:

{{ osmviz.block('summary', {title: 'Boulder Sample'}) }}

Specific data files can be loaded
var data = osmdata('./test/json/median_changesets_per_mapper.json')

{{ osmviz.block('changesets', {title: 'Boulder Sample'}) }}

Available Prefabricated Blocks

Summary Block

{{osmviz.block('summary', options)}}

Changeset Block

{{osmviz.block('summary', options)}}