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CTCGFW's OpenWrt source
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A OpenWRT firmware based on Lean's source

Welcome to my Telegram Group: @ctcgfw_openwrt_discuss.


You'd better not use root to make it, or you may be not able to use.
Default username is root and password is password, login address:

How to make it

OS require

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x86_64 (16.04 LTS is OK)
At least 2G RAM & 2 CPU Cores
At least 25G HDD

Install the necessary packages

sudo apt-get -y install build-essential asciidoc binutils bzip2 gawk gettext git libncurses5-dev libz-dev patch unzip zlib1g-dev lib32gcc1 libc6-dev-i386 subversion flex uglifyjs git-core gcc-multilib g++-multilib p7zip p7zip-full msmtp libssl-dev texinfo libglib2.0-dev xmlto qemu-utils upx libelf-dev autoconf automake libtool autopoint ccache

Clone the source

git clone -b master && cd openwrt
./scripts/feeds update -a && ./scripts/feeds install -a

Configure your firmware

make menuconfig

Make it

make -j1 V=s

Origin source

Based on: coolsnowwolf/lede.

Package jsda: jsda/packages2.
luci-theme-netgearv2 source: tracemouse/luci-theme-netgear.
luci-app-serverchan source: tty228/luci-app-serverchan.
OpenAppFilter source: destan19/OpenAppFilter.
luci-app-smartinfo source: animefansxj/luci-app-smartinfo.
luci-app-koolproxy source: Baozisoftware/luci-app-koolproxy.
luci-app-k3screenctrl source: Hill-98/luci-app-k3screenctrl.
luci-app-smstool source: f8q8/luci-app-smstool-master.
luci-app-airwhu source: KyleRicardo/luci-app-airwhu.
Package Lienol: Lienol/openwrt-package.
luci-app-bbr-mod source: ntlf9t/luci-app-bbr-mod.
Package Openwrt-BBR: anshi233/Openwrt-BBR.
simple-obfs source: aa65535/openwrt-simple-obfs.
v2ray-plugin source: honwen/openwrt-v2ray-plugin.
Package zxlhhyccc: zxlhhyccc/MY-lede.
luci-theme-argonv3 source: jerrykuku/luci-theme-argon.
luci-theme-darkmatter source: apollo-ng/luci-theme-darkmatter.


GPL v3.

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