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… livefs`

command, which presently allows live-updating the currently booted deployment
with new packages.  In the future, we plan to generalize this to support
arbitrary replacement (e.g. individual library upgrades).
More in the issue: https://github.com/projectatomic/rpm-ostree/issues/639

Another notable feature is the first new treefile declaration in a while,
the `tmp-is-dir` option.  More information in the PR:

On the client side, we're logging a good bit more into the systemd journal,
using structured logging. This is a useful feature for system operators to gain
visibility into rpm-ostree operations.

Client-side package layering also now starts caching rpm-md repository metadata
up to a day.  Use `rpm-ostree cleanup -m` to clear the metadata cache.
In the same PR, we also added more information about repository timestamps
to the client side output, in order to help understand the system up-to-date
PR: https://github.com/projectatomic/rpm-ostree/pull/791

Notable bugfixes include more correct invalidation of the package layering
caching when RPMs change checksum but not NEVRA: https://github.com/projectatomic/rpm-ostree/issues/649

Colin Walters (33):
      ci: Delete dockerfile, move to common scripts, consolidate gcc/clang
      core: Journal selinux relabeling stats
      core: Ignore %pretrans
      ci: Use FAHC for build container
      postprocess: Convert a few funcs to new code style
      os: Use correct completion for cleanup txn
      daemon: Reimplement ClearRollbackTarget in terms of cleanup txn
      daemon: Rework API for rollback deployment lookup
      ci: Ensure fahc builds win over base
      libtest: Adapt xattr disabling for newer ostree
      daemon/core: Fix leaks in metadata cleanup
      libtest: Support matching multiple regexps in files
      Introduce `ex livefs`
      core: Log to journal rpm-md repo timestamps
      postprocess: Some porting to new code style
      compose-tests: Consolidate some misc options into `test-misc-tweaks.sh`
      libtest: Fix bugs in assert_file_has_content()
      tests: Use libtest-core.sh from ostree
      livefs: Fix etc merge with subdirectories
      core: Ignore overrides for nonexistent %ghost files in /etc
      compose: Add `tmp-is-dir` option to make `/tmp` a directory
      livefs: Optimize etc merge by avoiding duplicate checkouts
      lib/core: Use autoptr to port tmprootfs_assemble() to new code style
      lib: Define an autocleanup for RPM signal handling
      core: Minor refactoring prep in local pkg install
      core: Pass self object instead of tmpdir dfd
      core: Use a single tmpdir
      lib/util: Add a DECLARE_RPMSIGHANDLER_RESET to pacify clang
      postprocess: A few more builtin /var suppressions
      lib/core: Define a helper to get enabled rpm-md repos
      core: Enable repo caching (one day)
      Move rpm-md repo status display into core
      Release 2017.6

Jonathan Lebon (21):
      libbuild.sh: pass arguments to make
      rpmostreed-utils.c: switch to new style
      rebase: allow rebasing to a local branch
      rpmostreed-os.c: remove unused variable
      core: write number of imported packages to journal
      unpacker: embed RPM checksum in metadata
      core: invalidate pkgcache based on RPM checksum
      vmcheck: add test for pkgcache chksum invalidation
      vmcheck: stronger post-test cleanup
      rpm-util: use glib auto cleanups macros
      core: partial switch to new style
      import ci/ci-commitmessage-submodules.sh from ostree
      libglnx: bump and use new helpers
      pkg-builtins: rename internal functions
      transaction-types.c: convert to new style
      f25-build-check: install git early
      docs: update linked project names and minor tweaks
      core: allow no enabled repos for local pkgs
      upgrader: switch to new code style
      PAPR: migrate to the new name
      ci: append to CFLAGS, don't overwrite

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