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This repository

Convenience tasks and classes for automated testing of hydra heads.



This gem is designed to make it easier to integrate a jetty servlet container into a rails project.
Jettywrapper provides rake tasks for starting and stopping jetty, as well as a method (Jettywrapper.wrap) that will start the server before the block and stop the server after the block, which is useful for automated testing.

jettywrapper supports
ruby 2.0.0
ruby 1.9.3
ruby 1.8.7
ree 1.8.7
jruby 1.6.6+

Configuring Jettywrapper

Jettywrapper starts the process with a list of options that you can specify in config/jetty.yml (otherwise a default is used). You can provide a per environment configuration, or you can have a default configuration which will be used when a per-environment configuration is not specified.

  jetty_port: 8983
    - "-XX:MaxPermSize=128m"
    - "-Xmx256m"

Example rake task:

require 'jettywrapper'
desc "Hudson build"
task :hudson do
  jetty_params = Jettywrapper.load_config.merge({:jetty_home => File.expand_path(File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/../jetty')})
  error = Jettywrapper.wrap(jetty_params) do  
  raise "test failures: #{error}" if error

Testing the gem

If you haven’t already, clone the git repository

  git clone
  cd jettywrapper

Install the gems

  bundle install

Run the tests

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