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Plugin for cursors at normally impossible-to-reach positions
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This is a core module of ProseMirror. ProseMirror is a well-behaved rich semantic content editor based on contentEditable, with support for collaborative editing and custom document schemas.

This plugin implements a block-level cursor that can be used to focus places that don't allow regular selection (such as positions that have a leaf block node, table, or the end of the document both before and after them). Make sure you load style/gapcursor.css (or define your own styling for the cursor).

The project page has more information, a number of examples and the documentation.

This code is released under an MIT license. There's a forum for general discussion and support requests, and the Github bug tracker is the place to report issues.

We aim to be an inclusive, welcoming community. To make that explicit, we have a code of conduct that applies to communication around the project.

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