An extension for Thunderbird 3.0+ that allows you to view threads as "real" conversations, including your own emails. This extension also adds a bunch of useful UI features in the conversation view. Get a pre-built binary at the link below.
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Thunderbird Conversations

This extension improves the threaded summary for emails in Thunderbird. It vastly improves the UI by including some ideas from GMail. More specifically:

  • your own messages are displayed in the thread,
  • you initially see summaries, they can be expanded to display full messages,
  • quoted sections are collapsed à la GMail,
  • fast links for replying (and possibly other useful actions),
  • you can reply inline (through a "quick reply" feature).

For screenshots and a stable version, please head to AMO which should provide you with a ready-to-install package.

If you want to leave some feedback, we have a thread on Google Groups.


If you just want to start hacking, see MDC to learn how to use a proxy file. If you want to package a release, follow these steps.

  1. Download the zip archive or clone the repository
  2. Change into the main folder, run git submodule init and git submodule update
  3. Change into the subfolder content/pdfjs, run node make bundle. Note that you need to have nodejs installed. On modern Debian-based distributions the command is nodejs instead of node.
  4. Change into the main folder and run ./

This will package an .xpi file of the latest codebase which can be installed via add-on manager in Thunderbird. Please note that the latest thunderbird-conversations-builds are only compatible with the Daily-version of Thunderbird. You can build this from source or get a pre-built binary at


There are tests for this addon. They are distributed as a MQ patch that you need to qimport into your comm-central tree. The file is tests/mozmill-conversations. Once you qimport'd it,

jonathan@ramona:~/Code/objdir-comm-central $ make \
MOZMILL_EXTRA=--addon=/home/jonathan/Code/ \
SOLO_TEST=conversations/test-attachments.js mozmill-one