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CLI for managing decentralized applications and infrastructure
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A command-line interface for managing your decentralized applications and infrastructure using Provide.

Developer Quickstart

  1. Create a Provide account

  2. Get a precompiled binary for your platform (or go get and run from source): win | mac | linux

  3. Make sure solc (Solidity compiler) is installed. You can check this with solc --version

  4. Authenticate: provide-cli authenticate - this will authorize and cache a Provide API token in your home directory for continued use of the CLI - after you have authenticated you can register an application using the CLI and start building.


You can deploy a contract and be ready to use one of our API clients to build dApps using a variety of underlying protocols in just 4 steps:

1: View the networks

provide-cli networks list --public

2: Create your dApp, API token and wallet

provide-cli dapps init --name '<myApp>' --network <networkId>

3: Deploy your compiled contract(s)

provide-cli contracts deploy <MyContract.sol> --application <applicationId> --network <networkId> --wallet <walletId>

Looking for the API docs?

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