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A simple AES malware crypter
C++ Python
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This was a small C++/Python project to learn about crypting malware in order to make it FUD (fully undetectable):

Scan Results

You still have to set up the build process yourself if you want to use this, take this as a challenge <:


  1. FUD at time of release - scantime and runtime using encryption and delayed decryption.
  2. No dependencies, statically linked binary.
  3. Self bruteforcing - no included AES key.
  4. Hidden startup.
  5. Should work with every supplied shellcode.

Compiling Notes (Windows)

  1. Make sure Visual Studio, MSBuild and cryptopp are available. Also, cryptopp has to be recognzed by Visual Studio.
  2. Setup Visual Studio projects for encryptShellcode.cpp and stub.cpp.
  3. Generate your shellcode in Python format using msfvenom and save it as
  4. Execute
  5. The path of the crypted malware should be printed on the screen.
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