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package com.psisoyev.train.station.departure
import cats.{ Apply, FlatMap, Functor, Monad }
import com.psisoyev.train.station.Event.Departed
import com.psisoyev.train.station.Tracing.ops.TracingOps
import com.psisoyev.train.station._
import com.psisoyev.train.station.departure.Departures.Departure
import com.psisoyev.train.station.departure.Departures.DepartureError.UnexpectedDestination
import derevo.derive
import derevo.tagless.applyK
import io.circe.Decoder
import io.circe.generic.semiauto.deriveDecoder
import tofu.generate.GenUUID
import tofu.higherKind.Mid
import tofu.logging.Logging
import tofu.syntax.monadic._
import tofu.syntax.monoid.TofuSemigroupOps
import tofu.syntax.raise._
import tofu.{ Handle, Raise }
import scala.util.control.NoStackTrace
trait Departures[F[_]] {
def register(departure: Departure): F[Departed]
object Departures {
sealed trait DepartureError extends NoStackTrace
object DepartureError {
type Handling[F[_]] = Handle[F, DepartureError]
type Raising[F[_]] = Raise[F, DepartureError]
case class UnexpectedDestination(city: City) extends DepartureError
case class Departure(id: TrainId, to: To, time: Expected, actual: Actual)
object Departure {
implicit val departureDecoder: Decoder[Departure] = deriveDecoder
private class Log[F[_]: Apply: Logging] extends Departures[Mid[F, *]] {
def register(departure: Departure): Mid[F, Departed] = { registration =>
val before ="Registering $departure")
val after ="Train ${} successfully departed")
before *> registration <* after
private class Trace[F[_]: Tracing] extends Departures[Mid[F, *]] {
def register(departure: Departure): Mid[F, Departed] = _.traced("train departure: register")
private class Validate[F[_]: Monad: DepartureError.Raising](connectedTo: List[City]) extends Departures[Mid[F, *]] {
def register(departure: Departure): Mid[F, Departed] = { registration =>
val destination =
.find(_ == destination)
.orRaise(UnexpectedDestination(destination)) *> registration
private class Impl[F[_]: Functor: GenUUID](city: City) extends Departures[F] {
override def register(departure: Departure): F[Departed] = { id =>
def make[F[_]: Monad: GenUUID: Logging: DepartureError.Raising: Tracing](
city: City,
connectedTo: List[City]
): Departures[F] = {
val service = new Impl[F](city)
val trace: Departures[Mid[F, *]] = new Trace[F]
val log: Departures[Mid[F, *]] = new Log[F]
val validate: Departures[Mid[F, *]] = new Validate[F](connectedTo)
(log |+| validate |+| trace).attach(service)