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Clojure A/B testing library

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[com.taoensso/touchstone "2.0.2"] ; Stable

Touchstone, a Clojure A/B testing library

A/B testing is great for conversion optimization. We should all be doing more of it. But traditional A/B tests can be a nuisance to setup and monitor.

Touchstone is an attempt to bring dead-simple, high-power split-testing to any Clojure web application. It uses multi-armed bandit techniques to provide fast, accurate, low-maintenance conversion optimization. The API is very simple and highly flexible.

What's in the box™?

  • Small, uncomplicated all-Clojure library.
  • Great performance (backed by Carmine).
  • High flexibility (variations are arbitrary Clojure forms).
  • Low maintenace (fire-and-forget, automatic-selection algorithm).
  • Fire-and-forget multivariate testing.
  • Advanced capabilities like test composition (dependent tests), arbitrary scoring, engagement testing, etc.
  • Ring middleware.

Getting started


Add the necessary dependency to your Leiningen project.clj and require the library in your ns:

[com.taoensso/touchstone "2.0.2"] ; project.clj
(ns my-app (:require [taoensso.touchstone :as touchstone :refer (*ts-id*)])) ; ns


Traditional split-testing consists of 4 steps:

  1. Defining content variations (e.g. possible labels for a sign-up button).
  2. Distributing content variations to test subjects (our users).
  3. Recording events of interest (sign-ups) by variation.
  4. Analyzing the results and adopting our most successful content (best button label).

The particular multi-armed bandit technique used by Touchstone means that we only concern ourselves with steps 1 and 3. Steps 2 and 4 are handled automatically by the algorithm.

To optimize a Ring web application, start by adding (taoensso.touchstone.ring/wrap-random-subject-id) to your middleware stack.

One or more test selectors can then be used as part of your page content:

(touchstone/mab-select {} *ts-id* :my-app/landing.buttons.sign-up ; Test id
                       :sign-up  "Sign-up!"   ; Named variation #1
                       :join     "Join!"      ; Named variation #2
                       :join-now "Join now!"  ; Named variation #3

And relevant events (e.g. conversions) recorded:

(touchstone/mab-commit! {} *ts-id* :my-app/landing.buttons.sign-up 1) ; On sign-up button click

Touchstone will now automatically start using accumulated statistical data to optimize the selection of the :my-app/landing.buttons.signup test variations for maximum clicks.

And you're done! That's literally all there is to it.

See the mab-select and mab-commit! docstrings for info on more advanced capabilities like multivariate testing, test composition (dependent tests), arbitrary scoring, engagement testing, etc.

This project supports the CDS and ClojureWerkz goals

  • CDS, the Clojure Documentation Site, is a contributer-friendly community project aimed at producing top-notch, beginner-friendly Clojure tutorials and documentation. Awesome resource.

  • ClojureWerkz is a growing collection of open-source, batteries-included Clojure libraries that emphasise modern targets, great documentation, and thorough testing. They've got a ton of great stuff, check 'em out!

Contact & contributing

lein start-dev to get a (headless) development repl that you can connect to with Cider (emacs) or your IDE.

Please use the project's GitHub issues page for project questions/comments/suggestions/whatever (pull requests welcome!). Am very open to ideas if you have any!

Otherwise reach me (Peter Taoussanis) at or on Twitter. Cheers!


Copyright © 2012-2014 Peter Taoussanis. Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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