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  1. Butler gives superpowers to Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows! Advanced reload failure alerts, task scheduler, key-value store, file system access and much more.

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  2. Butler SenseOps Stats ("Butler-SOS") is a microservice publishing operational Qlik Sense metrics to InfluxDB. Add Grafana for great looking dashboards and you get real-time monitoring of what happe…

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  3. Utility for extracting data lineage and load scripts for all applications in a Qlik Sense Enterprise environment

    JavaScript 6

  4. Automatically upload icons to Qlik Sense, including professional icon libraries such as Font Awesome

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  5. Cache warming for Qlik Sense. Proactively load Sense apps into memory in order to minimise load time and maximise user experience

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  6. Node.js server for handling back-end tasks related to creating new Sense apps, using existing apps as templates

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