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v. 0.1.0

21 Aug 2018

  • additions
    • added the following enums: Status, Plugged, Health
    • added the following methods to BatteryState data class:
      • fun status(): Status { ... }
      • fun plugged(): Plugged { ... }
      • fun health(): Health { ... }
    • added @JvmStatic annotation to fun observe(context: Context): Flowable<BatteryState> method in RxBattery class in order to call static method from Java modules without need to explicitly call Companion object
    • added KotlinX to sample Kotlin app
    • added project logo created by @Yasujizr
  • updates
    • fixed typo in const val in RxBattery class
    • API-breaking change: In BatteryState data class, renamed variable status to statusCode, plugged to pluggedCode and health to healthCode
  • removals
    • API-breaking change: Removed RxBatteryFactory class

v. 0.0.1

17 Aug 2018

The first release of the library.