Please add an option to install latest setuptools/pip instead of embedded ones #563

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glenfant commented Feb 9, 2014

The equivalent shell script I use is following:

# Updates setuptools and pip n a virtualenv
DOWNLOAD="curl -O"
rm setuptools-*.tar.gz

pfmoore commented Feb 9, 2014

Why can you not just do:

virtualenv foo
foo/bin/pip install -U setuptools
# or if you want the latest versions of both
# foo/bin/python -m pip install -U setuptools pip 

Having said this, an option to install the latest versions isn't out of the question.

Why different syntax when upgrading both – -m pip instead of pip?


pfmoore commented Feb 21, 2014

Because pip can't replace its own wrapper executable while it's running. That's certainly true on Windows, and may or may not be on Unix.

I use the guaranteed-reliable form python -m pip just to make sure the advice I give doesn't cause problems to anyone who might find this thread in future.


pfmoore commented Feb 21, 2014

Not relevant, it's the OS that opens the pip.exe file and it doesn't allow removal. This has been discussed extensively on the distutils-sig list. Feel free to look there and if you can provide an implementation strategy (preferably in the form of a patch :-)) that might work, that would be fantastic.

Having said that, this is a bit off topic for this feature request.

@dstufft dstufft closed this in #840 Jan 19, 2016

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