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@echo off
goto Run
echo.%~nx0 [flags and arguments] [quoted MSBuild options]
echo.Build CPython from the command line. Requires the appropriate
echo.version(s) of Microsoft Visual Studio to be installed (see readme.txt).
echo.After the flags recognized by this script, up to 9 arguments to be passed
echo.directly to MSBuild may be passed. If the argument contains an '=', the
echo.entire argument must be quoted (e.g. `%~nx0 "/p:PlatformToolset=v100"`).
echo.Alternatively you can put extra flags for MSBuild in a file named
echo.`msbuild.rsp` in the `PCbuild` directory, one flag per line. This file
echo.will be picked automatically by MSBuild. Flags put in this file does not
echo.need to be quoted. You can still use environment variables inside the
echo.response file.
echo.Available flags:
echo. -h Display this help message
echo. -V Display version information for the current build
echo. -r Target Rebuild instead of Build
echo. -d Set the configuration to Debug
echo. -E Don't fetch or build external libraries. Extension modules that
echo. depend on external libraries will not attempt to build if this flag
echo. is present; -e is also accepted to explicitly enable fetching and
echo. building externals.
echo. -m Enable parallel build (enabled by default)
echo. -M Disable parallel build
echo. -v Increased output messages
echo. -k Attempt to kill any running Pythons before building (usually done
echo. automatically by the pythoncore project)
echo. --pgo Build with Profile-Guided Optimization. This flag
echo. overrides -c and -d
echo. --test-marker Enable the test marker within the build.
echo.Available flags to avoid building certain modules.
echo.These flags have no effect if '-e' is not given:
echo. --no-ssl Do not attempt to build _ssl
echo. --no-tkinter Do not attempt to build Tkinter
echo.Available arguments:
echo. -c Release ^| Debug ^| PGInstrument ^| PGUpdate
echo. Set the configuration (default: Release)
echo. -p x64 ^| Win32
echo. Set the platform (default: Win32)
echo. -t Build ^| Rebuild ^| Clean ^| CleanAll
echo. Set the target manually
echo. --pgo-job The job to use for PGO training; implies --pgo
echo. (default: "-m test --pgo")
exit /b 127
set platf=Win32
set conf=Release
set target=Build
set dir=%~dp0
set parallel=/m
set verbose=/nologo /v:m
set kill=
set do_pgo=
set pgo_job=-m test --pgo
if "%~1"=="-h" goto Usage
if "%~1"=="-c" (set conf=%2) & shift & shift & goto CheckOpts
if "%~1"=="-p" (set platf=%2) & shift & shift & goto CheckOpts
if "%~1"=="-r" (set target=Rebuild) & shift & goto CheckOpts
if "%~1"=="-t" (set target=%2) & shift & shift & goto CheckOpts
if "%~1"=="-d" (set conf=Debug) & shift & goto CheckOpts
if "%~1"=="-m" (set parallel=/m) & shift & goto CheckOpts
if "%~1"=="-M" (set parallel=) & shift & goto CheckOpts
if "%~1"=="-v" (set verbose=/v:n) & shift & goto CheckOpts
if "%~1"=="-k" (set kill=true) & shift & goto CheckOpts
if "%~1"=="--pgo" (set do_pgo=true) & shift & goto CheckOpts
if "%~1"=="--pgo-job" (set do_pgo=true) & (set pgo_job=%~2) & shift & shift & goto CheckOpts
if "%~1"=="--test-marker" (set UseTestMarker=true) & shift & goto CheckOpts
if "%~1"=="-V" shift & goto Version
rem These use the actual property names used by MSBuild. We could just let
rem them in through the environment, but we specify them on the command line
rem anyway for visibility so set defaults after this
if "%~1"=="-e" (set IncludeExternals=true) & shift & goto CheckOpts
if "%~1"=="-E" (set IncludeExternals=false) & shift & goto CheckOpts
if "%~1"=="--no-ssl" (set IncludeSSL=false) & shift & goto CheckOpts
if "%~1"=="--no-tkinter" (set IncludeTkinter=false) & shift & goto CheckOpts
if "%IncludeExternals%"=="" set IncludeExternals=true
if "%IncludeSSL%"=="" set IncludeSSL=true
if "%IncludeTkinter%"=="" set IncludeTkinter=true
if "%IncludeExternals%"=="true" call "%dir%get_externals.bat"
if "%do_pgo%" EQU "true" if "%platf%" EQU "x64" (
echo.ERROR: Cannot cross-compile with PGO
echo. 32bit operating system detected. Ensure your PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE
echo. and PROCESSOR_ARCHITEW6432 environment variables are correct.
exit /b 1
if not exist "%GIT%" where git > "%TEMP%\git.loc" 2> nul && set /P GIT= < "%TEMP%\git.loc" & del "%TEMP%\git.loc"
if exist "%GIT%" set GITProperty=/p:GIT="%GIT%"
if not exist "%GIT%" echo Cannot find Git on PATH & set GITProperty=
rem Setup the environment
call "%dir%find_msbuild.bat" %MSBUILD%
if ERRORLEVEL 1 (echo Cannot locate MSBuild.exe on PATH or as MSBUILD variable & exit /b 2)
if "%kill%"=="true" call :Kill
if "%do_pgo%"=="true" (
set conf=PGInstrument
call :Build %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9
del /s "%dir%\*.pgc"
del /s "%dir%\..\Lib\*.pyc"
echo on
call "%dir%\..\python.bat" %pgo_job%
@echo off
call :Kill
set conf=PGUpdate
set target=Build
goto Build
echo on
%MSBUILD% "%dir%\pythoncore.vcxproj" /t:KillPython %verbose%^
/p:Configuration=%conf% /p:Platform=%platf%^
@echo off
goto :eof
rem Call on MSBuild to do the work, echo the command.
rem Passing %1-9 is not the preferred option, but argument parsing in
rem batch is, shall we say, "lackluster"
echo on
%MSBUILD% "%dir%pcbuild.proj" /t:%target% %parallel% %verbose%^
/p:Configuration=%conf% /p:Platform=%platf%^
/p:IncludeSSL=%IncludeSSL% /p:IncludeTkinter=%IncludeTkinter%^
/p:UseTestMarker=%UseTestMarker% %GITProperty%^
%1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9
@echo off
goto :eof
rem Display the current build version information
call "%dir%find_msbuild.bat" %MSBUILD%
if not ERRORLEVEL 1 %MSBUILD% "%dir%pythoncore.vcxproj" /t:ShowVersionInfo /v:m /nologo %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9