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pyexpat patch for changing buffer_size #45478

achimgaedke mannequin opened this issue Sep 9, 2007 · 5 comments

pyexpat patch for changing buffer_size #45478

achimgaedke mannequin opened this issue Sep 9, 2007 · 5 comments


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achimgaedke mannequin commented Sep 9, 2007

BPO 1137
Nosy @akuchling
  • pyexpat_c_patch
  • pyexpat_test_patch
  • pyexpat_doc_patch
  • simpler_patch.txt: Simplified version
  • pyexpat-patch2.txt: Complete, simplified version
  • Note: these values reflect the state of the issue at the time it was migrated and might not reflect the current state.

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    GitHub fields:

    assignee = ''
    closed_at = <Date 2008-01-08.14:34:01.633>
    created_at = <Date 2007-09-09.16:40:11.825>
    labels = ['expert-XML']
    title = 'pyexpat patch for changing buffer_size'
    updated_at = <Date 2008-01-08.22:58:17.049>
    user = '' fields:

    activity = <Date 2008-01-08.22:58:17.049>
    actor = 'AchimGaedke'
    assignee = 'akuchling'
    closed = True
    closed_date = <Date 2008-01-08.14:34:01.633>
    closer = 'akuchling'
    components = ['XML']
    creation = <Date 2007-09-09.16:40:11.825>
    creator = 'AchimGaedke'
    dependencies = []
    files = ['8409', '8410', '8411', '9097', '9098']
    hgrepos = []
    issue_num = 1137
    keywords = ['patch']
    message_count = 5.0
    messages = ['55767', '59494', '59497', '59538', '59571']
    nosy_count = 2.0
    nosy_names = ['akuchling', 'AchimGaedke']
    pr_nums = []
    priority = 'normal'
    resolution = 'accepted'
    stage = None
    status = 'closed'
    superseder = None
    type = None
    url = ''
    versions = ['Python 2.6']

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    Mannequin Author

    achimgaedke mannequin commented Sep 9, 2007


    Sometimes people have big amounts of text/data in xml files. To make
    processing more effective, they should be able to change the buffer size
    for collecting character data in one string.

    Here comes a patch that applies necessary changes in setattr method. It
    handles reallocation sufficiently efficient without introducing extra
    variables to the parser class.

    Also a documentation patch and some test cases are available.

    These patches and tests were done with debian etch python2.5, which is
    python-2.5.1 . This patch also works on python2.4 .

    @achimgaedke achimgaedke mannequin added the topic-XML label Sep 9, 2007
    @jafo jafo mannequin assigned akuchling Sep 17, 2007
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    Here's a simpler, but still untested version of the patch that cuts out
    the various cases for reallocating when there's already buffered data
    and just does a flush every time.

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    Here's another update of the simplified version, that also updated the
    documentation patch for reST and updates the test for the current code.

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    Committed to the trunk in rev. 59853.

    AchimGaedke: thanks for your contribution! Also, please submit a signed
    copy of the
    contributor agreement when you can: see for details.

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    Mannequin Author

    achimgaedke mannequin commented Jan 8, 2008

    Also the shortend version will bring better performance.

    @ezio-melotti ezio-melotti transferred this issue from another repository Apr 10, 2022
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