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QGIS Plugins application

Author: Alessandro Pasotti (

The Plugin model

The plugin model represents a QGIS plugin and holds general informations such as title and description and icon.

The plugin can have zero or more owners, owners have the same permissions of the original plugin creator.


These rules have been implemented:

  • every registered user can add a new plugin
  • staff users can approve or disapprove all plugin versions
  • users which have the special permission plugins.can_approve get the versions they upload automatically approved
  • users which have the special permission plugins.can_approve can approve versions uploaded by others as long as they are in the list of the plugin owners
  • a particular plugin can be deleted and edited only by staff users and plugin owners
  • if a user without plugins.can_approve permission uploads a new version, the plugin version is automatically unapproved.

Trust management

Staff members can grant trust to selected plugin creators setting plugins.can_approve permission through the front-end application.

The plugin details view offers direct links to grant trust to the plugin creator or the plugin owners.

The PluginVersion model

Each plugin can have several versions, a version specify the minimum QGIS version needed in order to run that particular plugin version and other informations such as if the version belongs to the "stable" o to the "experimental" branch.


The validation takes place in the PluginVersions forms, at loading time, the compressed file is checked for:

  • file size <= PLUGIN_MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE
  • zip contains in first level dir
  • must contain valid metadata
  • version must be unique whithin a plugin
  • there must be one and only last versions in each plugin's branch

At the time of plugin creation, the name of the folder inside the compressed file is stored in the variable package_name, this value must be unique and cannot be changed. package_name is also used to build SEF URLs, for example the plugin's page for the plugin Hello World Plugin with package_name HelloWorld is

The package_name (and hence the first level folder inside the compressed zip file) cannot contain only ASCI letters (A-Z and a-z), digits and the characters underscore (_) and minus (-) and cannot start with a digit.

Example from the HelloWorld plugin compressed zip file:

Archive:  plugins/tests/HelloWorld/
Length     Date       Time    Name
---------  ---------- -----   ----
    0      2011-11-13 15:05   HelloWorld/
    1304   2011-11-13 12:40   HelloWorld/icon.png
    374    2011-11-13 15:05   HelloWorld/metadata.txt
    1094   2011-11-13 12:40   HelloWorld/
    396    2011-11-13 12:40   HelloWorld/
---------                     -------
    3168                      5 files


You can find detailed informations about metadata in the PyQGIS developer cookbook


All values can be overridden in

Parameter Default Notes
PLUGIN_MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE 1048576 in bytes
used in email notifications
PLUGIN_REQUIRED_METADATA [1] used in validator
PLUGIN_OPTIONAL_METADATA [2] used in validator

Plugins XMl

Plugins XML is available at

accepted parameters:
  • qgis: qgis version
  • stable_only: 0/1, default to 0


[1]'name', 'description', 'version', 'qgisMinimumVersion'
[2]Supported by metadata.txt only: 'homepage', 'changelog', 'tracker', 'repository', 'tags'