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Meteor Slingshot Example

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This is a sample project that shows how to create an image uploader using Amazon S3, Meteor, and the slingshot package. Make sure to follow the AWS IAM Setup below before running the sample project.


  1. Navigate to IAM home
  2. Navigate to Users -> Create New Users
  3. Specify username
  4. Make sure generate access key is checked
  5. Show user security credentials and add to settings.json as AWSAccessKeyId and AWSSecretAccessKey
  6. Navigate to Policies -> Create New Policy
  7. Select “Create Your Own Policy”
  8. Give it a name, description
  9. Paste the text from This File into Policy Document making sure to replace (2 occurences) with the name of your bucket you will create in step 4)
  10. Select your newly created policy (you may need to filter for it) and choose “Policy Actions” -> “Attach” and attach your user you created in step 2)
  11. Navigate to s3 home
  12. Create a bucket with a name (which you used in step 3) and select “US Standard” Region 1. Note that the region can be different, but requires additional setup with slingshot to work
  13. Select the bucket and then click the Properties tab in the top right
  14. Click “Permissions” to open the dropdown 1. Click Add/Edit CORS configuration and paste in the following Cors Configuration 2. Click Edit Bucket policy and paste in this Bucket Policy making sure to replace <awsaccountid> with your account id (found in Account Settings), <iamusername> with your iam user in part 2), and <bucketname> you created above
  15. Add your bucket name to settings.json using the S3Bucket key
  16. You should be good to go!


Example on how to upload images to S3 using Meteor & Slingshot



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