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Lin is a open source plug-in for Xcode 5.
It lets you search/manage localizations without opening the .strings files.

Build Status


Note: Xcode 6 or later

This version does not support Xcode 6 or later.
Please use the latest version of questbeat/Lin.


When you are focusing on NSLocalizedString or other functions to get a localized version of a string, Lin shows the list of localizations that contains the inputted key string.


You can add a new localization or remove a localization from the popover.
(Click +/- button in the bottom left of the popover.)


You can also edit key or value of a localization by clicking the row on the table.


Lin has not only popover mode, but also window mode.
The window will appear when you drag-and-drop the popover.
In window mode, the search field can be used to find the localization with a free keyword.



Download the project and build it, then relaunch Xcode.
Lin will be installed in ~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins automatically.

If you want to uninstall Lin, remove Lin.xcplugin in Plug-ins directory.


You can enable/disable Lin or show window manually by opening the Lin menu in the Editor menu in Xcode.



  • .strings files must be UTF-8
  • Supported functions:
    • NSLocalizedString
    • NSLocalizedStringFromTable
    • NSLocalizedStringFromTableInBundle
    • NSLocalizedStringWithDefaultValue
    • localizedStringForKey:value:table:
  • After modifying a .string file, don't forget to save otherwise new strings won't appear in completion popup


Lin is released under the MIT License, see LICENSE.txt.