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Wait Wait Stats API v2.0 Changes

This document details the API changes between v1.0 and v2.0 of the Wait Wait Don't Tell Me! Stats API. v2.0 brings changes in both the response objects and in API endpoint URLs for Guests, Hosts, Locations, Panelists, Scorekeeper, and Shows.

wwdtm Library Change

Version 2.0 of the API now makes use of the new version of the wwdtm library that includes significant architectural changes and more robust type hinting information. The new type hinting information has been critical to implementing Pydantic models, type constraints, and return object validation.

Response Object Changes

Response objects returned by v1.0 of the Stats API followed the JSend specification; which, includes status, data, and/or messages in the JSON response object.

This change was to keep the response object for successful requests as simple as possible; while, making use of FastAPI's validation and response message functionality.

With v2.0, successful responses will return only the data object requested for that particular endpoint, along with an HTTP status code of 200. Any requests that leads to a validation error will return an object with an explanation of the validation error, along with an HTTP status 422 Unprocessable Entity.

Requests that lead to no data being found will return a response object with a key/value pair containing a brief message and either an HTTP status code of 404 Not Found.

API Endpoint Changes

The following tables list out the changes in API endpoints paths from v1.0 to v2.0. Also, v2.0 adds two new Location enpoints and one new Shows endpoint.


v1.0 v2.0
/v1.0/guests /v2.0/guests
/v1.0/guests/id /v2.0/guests/id/id
/v1.0/guests/id/details /v2.0/guests/details/id/id
/v1.0/guests/details /v2.0/guests/details
/v1.0/guests/slug/slug /v2.0/guests/slug/slug
/v1.0/guests/slug/slug/details /v2.0/guests/details/slug/slug


v1.0 v2.0
/v1.0/hosts /v2.0/hosts
/v1.0/hosts/id /v2.0/hosts/id/id
/v1.0/hosts/id/details /v2.0/hosts/details/id/id
/v1.0/hosts/details /v2.0/hosts/details
/v1.0/hosts/slug/slug /v2.0/hosts/slug/slug
/v1.0/hosts/slug/slug/details /v2.0/hosts/details/slug/slug


v1.0 v2.0
/v1.0/locations /v2.0/locations
/v1.0/locations/id /v2.0/locations/id/id
/v1.0/locations/id/recordings /v2.0/locations/recordings/id/id
/v1.0/locations/recordings /v2.0/locations/recordings
N/A /v2.0/locations/slug/slug
N/A /v2.0/locations/recordings/slug/slug


v1.0 v2.0
/v1.0/panelists /v2.0/panelists
/v1.0/panelists/id /v2.0/panelists/id/id
/v1.0/panelists/id/details /v2.0/panelists/details/id/id
/v1.0/panelists/id/scores /v2.0/panelists/scores/id/id
N/A /v2.0/panelists/scores/slug/slug
/v1.0/panelists/id/scores/ordered-pair /v2.0/panelists/scores/ordered-pair/id/id
N/A /v2.0/panelists/scores/ordered-pair/slug/slug
/v1.0/panelists/id/scores/grouped-ordered-pair /v2.0/panelists/scores/grouped-ordered-pair/id/id
N/A /v2.0/panelists/scores/grouped-ordered-pair/slug/slug
/v1.0/panelists/details /v2.0/panelists/details
/v1.0/panelists/slug/slug /v2.0/panelists/slug/slug
/v1.0/panelists/slug/slug/details /v2.0/panelists/details/slug/slug
/v1.0/panelists/slug/slug/scores /v2.0/panelists/scores/slug/slug
/v1.0/panelists/slug/slug/ordered-pair /v2.0/hosts/scores/ordered-pair/slug/slug


v1.0 v2.0
/v1.0/scorekeepers /v2.0/scorekeepers
/v1.0/scorekeepers/id /v2.0/scorekeepers/id/id
/v1.0/scorekeepers/id/details /v2.0/scorekeepers/details/id/id
/v1.0/scorekeepers/details /v2.0/scorekeepers/details
/v1.0/scorekeepers/slug/slug /v2.0/scorekeepers/slug/slug
/v1.0/scorekeepers/slug/slug/details /v2.0/scorekeepers/details/slug/slug


v1.0 v2.0
/v1.0/shows /v2.0/shows
/v1.0/shows/id /v2.0/shows/id/id
/v1.0/shows/id/details /v2.0/shows/details/id/id
/v1.0/shows/date/year /v2.0/shows/date/year
/v1.0/shows/date/year/details /v2.0/shows/details/date/year
/v1.0/shows/date/year/month /v2.0/shows/date/year/month
/v1.0/shows/date/year/month/details /v2.0/shows/details/date/year/month
/v1.0/shows/date/year/month/day /v2.0/shows/date/year/month/day
/v1.0/shows/date/year/month/day/details /v2.0/shows/details/date/year/month/day
/v1.0/shows/date/iso/yyyy-mm-dd /v2.0/shows/date/iso/yyyy-mm-dd
/v1.0/shows/date/iso/yyyy-mm-dd/details /v2.0/shows/details/iso/yyyy-mm-dd
N/A /v2.0/shows/dates
/v1.0/shows/details /v2.0/shows/details
/v1.0/shows/recent /v2.0/shows/recent
/v1.0/shows/recent/details /v2.0/shows/details/recent

Documentation Changes

Documentation for v1.0 of the API was handled as an external project based on the dormant Docbox documentation system.

With v2.0 being built on FastAPI, which is based on OpenAPI, the framework can be set up to present API documentation through Swagger UI and/or Redoc. To facilitate that, v2.0 makes significant use of Pydantic to build out the objects and includes much of the documentation while declaring routes and within Python docstrings.