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;;;; tarhash.lisp
(defpackage #:quicklisp-tarhash
(:use #:cl)
(:export #:content-hash)
(:shadowing-import-from #:ql-gunzipper
(:shadowing-import-from #:ironclad
(in-package #:quicklisp-tarhash)
(defconstant +block-octet-count+ 512)
(defvar *digest-type* :sha1)
(defun make-block-buffer ()
(make-array +block-octet-count+
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8)
:initial-element 0))
(defun skip-n-octets-blocks (n stream)
(let ((count (ceiling n +block-octet-count+))
(block (make-block-buffer)))
(dotimes (i count)
(read-sequence block stream))))
(defun ascii-subseq (vector start end)
(let ((string (make-string (- end start))))
(loop for i from 0
for j from start below end
do (setf (char string i) (code-char (aref vector j))))
(defun block-asciiz-string (block start length)
(let* ((end (+ start length))
(eos (or (position 0 block :start start :end end)
(ascii-subseq block start eos)))
(defun prefix (header)
(when (plusp (aref header 345))
(block-asciiz-string header 345 155)))
(defun name (header)
(block-asciiz-string header 0 100))
(defun payload-size (header)
(values (parse-integer (block-asciiz-string header 124 12) :radix 8)))
(defun file-payload-p (header)
(member (aref header 156) '(0 48)))
(defun full-path (header)
(let ((prefix (prefix header))
(name (name header)))
(if prefix
(format nil "~A/~A" prefix name)
(defun read-header-block (buffer stream)
"Read a tar header block from STREAM into BUFFER. Returns NIL when
at the terminating block of the end of input, BUFFER otherwise."
(let ((size (read-sequence buffer stream)))
(cond ((zerop size)
((/= size 0 +block-octet-count+)
(error "Short block (only ~D bytes)" size))
((every #'zerop buffer)
(defparameter *ignored-path-substrings*
'("/_darcs/" "/CVS/" "/.git/" "/CVS/" "/.hg/"))
(defun ignored-path-p (path)
(dolist (substring *ignored-path-substrings*)
(when (search substring path)
(return t))))
(defun content-info (stream)
"Return a list of file info for the POSIX tar stream STREAM. Each
element in the result is a list of a filename, the position of its
starting storage block in STREAM, and the total file size."
(file-position stream :start)
(let ((buffer (make-block-buffer))
(result '()))
(let ((header (read-header-block buffer stream))
(position (file-position stream)))
(when (not header)
(return result))
(let ((size (payload-size header)))
(when (file-payload-p header)
(let ((path (full-path header)))
(unless (ignored-path-p path)
(push (list path
(skip-n-octets-blocks size stream))))))
(defun content-hash (tarfile)
"Return a hash string of TARFILE. The hash is computed by creating
the digest of the files in TARFILE in order of their name."
(let ((temp "quicklisp-controller:tmp;tarhash.tar"))
(ensure-directories-exist temp)
(setf tarfile (gunzip tarfile temp))
(with-open-file (stream tarfile :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
(let ((digest (make-digest *digest-type*))
(buffer (make-block-buffer)))
(flet ((add-file-content (position size)
(file-position stream position)
(multiple-value-bind (complete partial)
(truncate size +block-octet-count+)
(dotimes (i complete)
(read-sequence buffer stream)
(update-digest digest buffer))
(read-sequence buffer stream)
(update-digest digest buffer :end partial))))
(let ((contents (content-info stream)))
(setf contents (sort contents #'string< :key #'first))
(dolist (info contents)
(destructuring-bind (position size)
(rest info)
(add-file-content position size))))
(byte-array-to-hex-string (produce-digest digest)))))
(when (probe-file temp)
(ignore-errors (delete-file temp))))))