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A Fresh Approach to R Package Installation

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pak installs R packages from CRAN, Bioconductor, GitHub, URLs, local files and directories. It is an alternative to install.packages() and devtools::install_github(). pak is fast, safe and convenient.

🚀 Short tour

Install or update packages from CRAN or Bioconductor


Install packages from GItHub


Look up dependencies


Explain dependencies

pak::pkg_deps_explain("tibble", "rlang")

Install a local package and its dependencies


🔗 Quick links (start here if in doubt!)

How do I … ?

Start with our our TLDR document to solve specific issues.


Check out list of frequently asked questions.


The complete reference of pak functions is the most complete source of information about pak.

I have a(nother) question

Don’t hesitate to ask at the RStudio Community forum. Use the pak tag.

I would like to report a bug

Head to the pak issue tracker.


Fast - parallel downloads and installation, caching, etc.

🦺 Safe - dependency solver, system dependency solver, etc.

🏪 Convenient - packages from multiple sources, time travel, etc.

See the complete list of awesome features.

⬇️ Installation

Pre-built binaries

Install a binary build of pak from our repository on GitHub:

install.packages("pak", repos = sprintf("", .Platform$pkgType, R.Version()$os, R.Version()$arch))

This is supported for the following systems:

OS CPU R version
Linux x86_64 R 3.4.0 - R-devel
Linux aarch64 R 3.4.0 - R-devel
macOS High Sierra+ x86_64 R 3.4.0 - R-devel
macOS Big Sur+ aarch64 R 4.1.0 - R-devel
Windows x86_64 R 3.4.0 - R-devel

For macOS we only support the official CRAN R build. Other builds, e.g. Homebrew R, are not supported.

Install from CRAN

Install the released version of the package from CRAN as usual:


This potentially needs a C compiler on platforms CRAN does not have binaries packages for.

Other platforms and nightly builds

See the installation page!

📘 License

GPL-3 © RStudio