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:flashlight: SQLight is a lightweight MySQL client written in C++11. Based on code by Ladislav Nevery
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  • SQLight is a lightweight and simple MySQL client written in C++11.
  • SQLight returns JSON documents. Document writing callback is overridable.
  • SQLight supports multi-statement queries.
  • SQLight has an optional transparent metrics interface.
  • SQLight has no dependencies. Only standard headers are required.
  • SQLight is cross-platform. Compiles under MSVC/GCC. Works on Windows/Linux.
  • SQLight is tiny. One header and one source file.
  • SQLight is based on code by Ladislav Nevery.
  • SQLight is zlib/libpng licensed.


  • .connect(host,port,user,pass) connect to a MySQL database
  • .reconnect() reconnect to database
  • .disconnect() disconnect from database
  • .is_connected() check if we are connected to database
  • .json(query) get JSON document with data received from SQL query
  • .json(query,result) get JSON document with data received from SQL query

sq::light (optional)

  • .test(query) check SQL query
  • .exec(query,callback,userdata) call user-defined callback with data received from SQL query

sq::metrics (optional)

  • This is an optional metrics interface that could be dettached from SQLight. Check usage on sqlight.cpp file.


#include <iostream>
#include <string>

#include "sqlight.hpp"

int main( int argc, const char **argv )
    // prompt user line

    auto prompt = []( const std::string &prompt ) {
        std::cout << prompt;
        std::string in;
        std::getline(std::cin, in);
        return in;

    // mysql client

    sq::light sql;

    if( !sql.connect( argc > 1 ? argv[1] : "locahost", "3306", "root", prompt("password>") ) )
        return std::cerr << "error: connection to database failed" << std::endl, 0;

    std::cout << "connected to db. feed me SQL queries!" << std::endl;

    for( ;; ) {
        std::string input = prompt("sqlight>");

        if( input.empty() )

        if( input == ".quit" || input == "quit" || input == "q" )

        std::string result;
        bool ok = sql.json(input, result);

        std::cout << result << std::endl;
        std::cout << ( ok ? "OK" : "ERROR" ) << std::endl;

    // metrics report

    bool reversed = true;
    std::string format = "{idx} (x{hits}) total:{total} min:{min} max:{max} avg:{avg}";
    std::string sorted_by = "{total}";
    auto list = sq::metrics::report( format, sorted_by, reversed );
    for( auto &line : list )
        std::cout << line << std::endl;

    return 0;

possible output

user@debian:~/sqlight$ ./sqlight.out
connected to db. feed me SQL queries!
sqlight>select count(*) from mysql.user
"count(*)": "7"

count (x1) total:0.004349 min:0.004349 max:0.004349 avg:0.004349
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