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Breadcrumbs don't work properly #105

rnikiforova opened this Issue · 0 comments

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I have this strange problem with breadcrumbs. I have these categories:

  • Fireboxes
    • Basic Fireboxes
    • Fireboxes with Vertical

(don't pay attention to the category names - they're in Bulgarian)

So when the post is in Basic Fireboxes, everything is just fine:

Fireboxes / Basic Fireboxes/ Post title

BUT when it's in Fireboxes with Vertical, the subcategory is not shown:

Fireboxes / Post title

What I noticed:

  • When I'm browsing all the posts, the posts in "Basic Fireboxes" are set in "Basic Fireboxes, Fireboxes". However, the posts in "Fireboxes with Vertical" are set in "Fireboxes, Fireboxes with Vertical", i.e. reversed.
  • When I changed the name of the "Fireboxes with Vertical" to just "Vertical", everything is fine. Maybe the subcategory shouldn't begin with the name of the parent category?
  • When I'm using external plugin, everything is OK.

Note: I'm using Permalinks with post name

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