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The RACHEL Content Management System


A set of HTML & PHP files for serving and managing RACHEL content modules, which are available at our module repository.


To make use of contentshell, you first must set up a system that includes the prerequisites. The easiest way to do this is using either our rachelplus or rachelpiOS repositories, which build in all the prerequisites on an Intel CAP or Raspberry Pi respectively.

Technically, contentshell can be used on any system, but it requires the following:

  • for search to work you must have SQLite and stem-1.5.1 installed for PHP
  • to use any ZIM based modules you must have kiwix installed
  • to use the ka-lite modules you must have kalite installed

Further, there are some rules about where things are installed, so it gets a bit complicated. The best route is to refer to the code in our rachelplus or rachelpiOS repositories. Or better yet, use one of the pre-built images available at for free.

Where is stuff

Modules downloaded from the RACHEL module repository must be installed in the "modules" directory in the root of contentshell.

  • On the RACHEL Pi this will be /var/www/modules
  • On the RACHEL Plus this will be /media/RACHEL/rachel/modules

For more information on modules, please check out modules-template.


Creative Commons - BY, SA, NC