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This repository contains the different WebUIs for radare2:

  • enyo enyo (mobile)
  • m material (responsive)
  • p panels (desktop)
  • t tiles (legacy)


First, you should install radare2, then r2pm will handle this for you:

$ r2pm -i www-enyo
$ r2pm -i www-m
$ r2pm -i www-p
$ r2pm -i www-t

This process will install the proper UI by downloading the latest version available.


The Web UIs (/m specifically) are using some tools that require an updated version of node, so if you encounter the following error, you should consider an update.

    request.name = path.posix.join(options.fontsDir, request.name);
TypeError: Cannot call method 'join' of undefined

Updating node is easy, I recommand you to follow this article:

sudo npm cache clean -f
sudo npm install -g n
sudo n stable

Use it

You can run one of the UI by typing the following command with: enyo, m, p and t.

$ r2 -q -e http.ui=<UI> -c=H /bin/ls


To uninstall an UI, you can use this command.

$ r2pm -u <package>


You will soon be able to chose between a global installation or an installation from your home directory with -g option.

Also, we will propose you to install the last released version from a tarball with a specific option.


If you want to contribute, you should read this to know how to set your environment.