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Multi Site

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Created by Sean Cribbs, November 2007. Inspired by the original virtual_domain behavior.

Multi Site allows you to host multiple websites on a single Radiant installation.

Each site has its own independent sitemap/page-tree and these attributes:

name: Whatever you want to call the site domain: A Ruby regular expression (without the //) to match the request against base_domain: A canonical domain name for doing quicker matches and for generating absolute URLs against homepage_id: The numerical database ID of the root page (usually you can just leave this alone).

Included images are slightly modified from FamFamFam Silk Icons by Mark James:


  1. Unpack/checkout/export the extension into vendor/extensions of your project.

  2. Run the extension migrations.

    $ rake production db:migrate:extensions

  3. Run the extension update task.

    $ rake production radiant:extensions:multi_site:update

  4. Restart your server

Other Extensions

Multi Site allows you to customize routes within your other extensions. To restrict a route to a particular site, pass the site's name into the conditions hash:

map.resources :things, :conditions => { :site => 'My Site' }

You can also scope a route to multiple sites with an array:

map.resources :things, :conditions => { :site => ['My Site', 'Your Site'] }


Thanks to Digital Pulp, Inc. for funding the initial development of this extension as part of the project.

Also, thanks to our contributors Josh French, Clinton R. Nixon, Nick Plante, Gert Goet, and Johannes Fahrenkrug.

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