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Delivery Milestones for Radix Public Network 1 (RPN-1)

Last updated: Friday, March 27, 2020

For folks looking for a higher-level roadmap of our overall journey to a massively scaleable public network (releases RPN-1, RPN-2 and RPN-3), please check here. This document shows the status of the steps we are taking to reach the first of our higher-level milestones, RPN-1.

When we looked at our development plan for our first public network (RPN-1), we decided to adopt an approach that would have four major milestones, which we are calling "drops".

The interim milestones will help us track progress and focus on achieving outcomes as well as allowing us to move from one working system to another, avoiding the risk of a "big-bang" integration effort at the end of a substantial development effort.

I plan to add check marks, together with the name of the release branch the feature can be found in once functionality has been implemented and is available. Right now we are planning to cut a release branch for completed features at the end of each 3-week sprint.

I'll use 🤔 to show which features are work-in-progress.

First drop

  • Basic consensus
  • Basic mempool
  • Basic client functionality through simple explorer
  • No Sybil protection
  • Fixed validator list at system start
  • System testing 🤔

Second drop

  • Improved consensus functionality
  • Improved mempool
  • Proof of Stake Sybil protection
  • Validator registration and unregistration
  • Basic fees
  • System testing

Third drop

  • Distributed Proof of Stake implementation
  • Finalised fees and rewards
  • Desktop wallet 🤔
  • Exchange integration starts
  • System testing

Fourth drop

  • Token vesting and Explorer implemented
  • Exchange integration completed
  • System testing
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