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Decred Mobile Wallet for IOS
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itswisdomagain and macsleven Cleanup project files and structure, fix all build warnings (#391)
* restore files from other freshly created project clone

* rename target

* restore fabric configuration

* reduce target ios version, add istestnet swift flag

* correct implementation f testnet/mainnet schemes config

* format plist

* correct SFSafariViewController usage

* correct SFSafariViewController usage
Latest commit 146e31c May 19, 2019

dcrios - Decred Mobile Wallet

A Decred Mobile Wallet for iOS that runs on top of dcrwallet.


IOS 10.3 or above.

Build Instructions

Clone this repo, install and setup the following software tools. The versions in brackets are not definite, other versions may work. This process has been confirmed working with the versions specified.


  • Xcode. (Version 10.1).
  • Go. (Version 1.12.1 tested, 1.11 should work too).
    • Ensure your $GOPATH environment variable is set and that $GOPATH/bin is added to your $PATH environment variable.
  • Gomobile (latest version).
    • Run go get to ensure you're using the latest version of gomobile.
    • Run gomobile init afterwards to setup gomobile.

Building/running the app

  • Run pod install to download project dependencies.
  • Run to generate dcrlibwallet.framework using a preset revision/commit of dcrlibwallet. The generated Dcrlibwallet.framework binary will be placed in ./libs sub-directory.
  • Open decred_wallet.xcworkspace with Xcode and build/run.
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