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;;; espect.el --- aspect-oriented buffer settings
;;; Commentary:
;; This software is Copyright (c) 2010 by Florian Ragwitz, Rohn Jockway
;; This is free software, licensed under:
;; The GNU General Public License, Version 2, June 1991
;; This mode makes it easy to configure settings for individual
;; buffers with a concice and extensible mini-language. It abstracts
;; away common configuration selection tasks, like checking the mode
;; or filename, into a simple declarative syntax. Declare conditions;
;; run a function when the new buffer matches them. This makes it
;; easy to do things like turn on flyspell-prog-mode for your favorite
;; programming languages, or make all text-mode buffers ending in .mkn
;; have special properties.
;; Additionally, the mini-language is extensible, so you can define
;; and use your own tests. espect's "built-in" rules use the
;; extension mechanism, so your rules need not be second-class
;; citizens.
;;; Example configuration:
;; (setq espect-buffer-settings
;; '(((:not (:mode "^gnus") (:mode w3m-mode) (:mode "^erc")
;; (:mode eshell-mode) (:mode term-mode) (:mode gud-mode))
;; (lambda () nil))
;; ((:not (:mode eshell-mode) (:mode term-mode))
;; (lambda () (hl-line-mode t)))
;; ((:mode message-mode)
;; (:mode org-mode)
;; (:mode pod-mode)
;; (:mode markdown-mode)
;; (:mode git-commit-mode)
;; (:filename "\\.\\(txt\\|mkn\\)$")
;; (lambda ()
;; (flyspell-mode 1)
;; (auto-fill-mode 1)))
;; ((:mode c-mode)
;; (:mode cperl-mode)
;; (:mode emacs-lisp-mode)
;; (lambda ()
;; (flyspell-prog-mode)))
;; ((:project "perl")
;; (lambda ()
;; (when (save-excursion
;; (goto-char (point-min))
;; (re-search-forward "\t" nil t))
;; (setq
;; tab-width 8
;; indent-tabs-mode t))))
;; ((:project "Sub-Name")
;; (lambda ()
;; (setq
;; tab-width 8
;; indent-tabs-mode t
;; c-basic-offset 8)))
;; ((:project "Memoize")
;; (lambda ()
;; (setq
;; tab-width 8
;; indent-tabs-mode t)))
;; ((:project "gnus")
;; (lambda ()
;; (setq tab-width 8)))))
;;; Code:
(defvar espect-rules (make-hash-table)
"A hash table matching rule names to a lambda that implements them.")
(defmacro* define-espect-rule (name lambda-list &body code)
"Define a rule name NAME that executes CODE."
(puthash name `(lambda ,lambda-list ,@code) espect-rules))
(defun espect-eval-rule (name args)
"Lookup rule NAME in `espect-rules', and evaluate it against ARGS.
NAME is the symbol to look up.
ARGS is the argument list to apply to the rule."
(let ((rule (gethash name espect-rules)))
(when (not rule) (error "No espect rule %s" name))
(apply rule args)))
(defun espect-handle-rule (rule)
(cond ((and (listp rule) (listp (car rule)))
(espect-and-list rule))
((listp rule)
(espect-eval-rule (car rule) (cdr rule)))
(t (error "Invalid rule '%s': must be a rule/args list or list of lists"))))
(defun espect-or-list (list)
(let ((rule (car list))
(rest (cdr list)))
(or (espect-handle-rule rule)
(if (null rest) nil (espect-or-list rest)))))
(defun espect-and-list (list)
(let ((rule (car list))
(rest (cdr list)))
(and (espect-handle-rule rule)
(or (null rest) (espect-and-list rest)))))
(defun espect-eval-script (list) ;; list = (rule rule ... code)
(let* ((reversed (reverse list))
(code (car reversed))
(rules (reverse (cdr reversed))))
(when (espect-or-list rules) (funcall code))))
(define-espect-rule :not (&rest xs) (not (espect-or-list xs)))
(define-espect-rule :fun (fun &rest args) (apply fun args))
(define-espect-rule :mode (mode) (cond ((stringp mode) (string-match mode (format "%s" major-mode)))
((symbolp mode) (eq mode major-mode))
(t (error "Mode %s must be a string or symbol!" mode))))
(define-espect-rule :name (name) (string-match name (buffer-name)))
(define-espect-rule :filename (filename) (string-match filename buffer-file-name))
(define-espect-rule :project-type (type) (ignore-errors (string-match type (eproject-type))))
(define-espect-rule :project-root (root) (ignore-errors (string-match root (eproject-root))))
(define-espect-rule :project (x) (ignore-errors (or (string-match x (eproject-root))
(string-match x (eproject-type)))))
(defvar espect-buffer-settings nil
"List of espect scripts to run for every new buffer.")
(defun espect-apply-buffer-settings (settings)
(dolist (script espect-buffer-settings) (espect-eval-script script)))
(add-hook 'after-change-major-mode-hook
(lambda () (espect-apply-buffer-settings espect-buffer-settings))
(provide 'espect)
;;; espect.el ends here
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