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I have two controllers in a Rails 4.0.2 app (CapsulesController and InstancesController). respond_with does not use the serializer I have for Capsule, but InstancesController will use the Instance serializer I have. The controllers and serializers are here:

I can get the serializer to kick in if I use respond_to in CapsulesController's index action.

Any idea why this would happen?


I have also experienced this, the README claims that respond_with uses the serializer because it uses to_json, however I have not found this to be true.

respond_to is working because you are explicitly stating render json:... I presume, which afaik is the easiest way to make your AMS work.

respond_to do |f|
    f.html {}
    f.json { render json: @animals }
lucasts commented Mar 28, 2014

I dont think it help a lot, but I'm suffering from the same issue.

respond_with isn't using serializer at all

@steveklabnik steveklabnik added the bug label Aug 22, 2014

respond_with has since been removed from Rails itself, and I don't consider it to be good practice. If someone wants to fix this, they can, but realistically, I'm not going to, so rather than give you false hope, I'm closing it.

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