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No support for staging environment #19

gauravgupta123 opened this Issue · 4 comments

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A single assets.yml stores the configuration keys for the plugin, irrespective of the environment. This creates problems when the app is deployed to a staging environment, since it causes files to be replaced in the same S3 bucket used by the production environment.

Infact, I would like to turn Cloudfront off on staging and get the files from my own server, or directly from S3 (without the CDN layer)


+1 we can't use jammit-s3 right now because we have a heroku staging, heroku testing and heroku development server.


I workaround this by doing this:

s3_bucket: <%= "bucket_#{ENV['STAGE']}" %>


$ STAGE=staging bundle exec jammit-s3

Actually Jammit itself can handle multiple stage settings:

Simply wrap stage specific settings using stage name in assets.yml:

embed_assets: off
compress_assets: on

  s3_bucket: production-assets
  s3_access_key_id: PRODUCTION KEY
  s3_secret_access_key: SecretProductionAccessKey

  s3_bucket: staging-assets
  s3_access_key_id: STAGING KEY
  s3_secret_access_key: SecretStagingAccessKey


Don't forget to set the environment when calling Jammit S3

$ RAILS_ENV=staging bundle exec jammit-s3

Hope that helps.


That definitely did help me. I was trying to use a separate assets_staging.yml file and it wasn't working out for me -- but these namespaces did the trick. Thanks @iltempo.

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