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Raku Examples

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This is intended to be a repository for all kinds of Raku examples.

All examples should work on a recent compiler release of Rakudo.

If you want to contribute, just ask! The quicker choice is to use IRC: join #raku on and you'll be welcome.

Please use POD6 when adding a new example. This template can help get you started.


  1. Compile a list of open source Raku examples
  2. Help different implementations of Raku test out their code in a less testy and more fun manner ;)

What you can find here

Directory Description
categories All example categories
bin Utility scripts
lib Utility modules
doc Out-of-script documentation


Directory Description
best-of-rosettacode The best of the examples
99-problems Based on lisp 99 problems
cookbook Cookbook examples
euler Answers for Project Euler
games Games should go in here :)
interpreters Language or DSL interpreters
module-management Module management
other All other examples
parsers Example grammars
perlmonks Answers to questions
rosalind Bioinformatics programming problems
shootout The Computer Language Benchmark Game
tutorial Tutorial examples
wsg Answers for Winter Scripting Games


To run all examples and tests, a number of modules need to be installed.

These are listed in META6.json.

They can be installed via zef:

$ zef --deps-only install .

Running the examples

To run most examples (all examples excluding those which take a very long time or are memory hogs) one can use the script in the bin directory:

$ raku bin/

or simply via the run-all target of the Makefle:

$ make run-all

If one wishes to run the examples for a given category, then one can simply use the --category=<category-dir> option specifying the desired category's directory name. For example, to run the examples for the cookbook category, use the following:

$ raku bin/ --category=cookbook

Building the examples documentation

To build the examples documentation web pages, simply run

$ make html

or you can run the script in the base directory:

$ raku

After the pages have been generated, you can view them on your local computer by starting the included program:

$ raku daemon

You can then view the examples documentation by pointing your web browser at http://localhost:3000.

License Information

"Raku Examples" is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0.