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  • Lots of Documentation in the README (Tom Cocca)


  • Added I18n support (Tom Cocca)

    • Generator creates a default locale file

  • Code Cleanup (Tom Cocca)

    • Removed unused modules

    • Moved all validations to the dynamic_validations module

  • Some fields take an optional hash of html options (Tom Cocca)

    • Added a method to be overridden to add this options


  • Made the default hour select use 12 hour time (Tom Cocca)

    • military time is not user friendly

    • Uses the format “12 AM” or “12 PM”

    • the value is the 0-23 hour value


  • Added new field types: TimeSelect, DateSelect and DatetimeSelect (Tom Cocca)

    • Added configuration options to configure the stftime format for each field type for answer display

    • Field can require an answer or not


  • Moved the form field helper options logic out of the view and into the models to clean up the view (Tom Cocca)


  • Added ActiveRecord mixins for relationships between creator and submitter models (Tom Cocca)

    • creator: is_form_create

    • submitter: is_form_submitter


  • Added an arrows image to make ordering a little cleaner and easier to understand (Tom Cocca)

  • Removed route hack and added nice draw method (Tom Cocca)

    • Draw method taken from Thoughtbot's Clearance - thank you Thoughtbot for your great work


  • Added the ability to re-order form fields and form field options (Tom Cocca)

    • This is done using the scriptaculous Sortable Drag and Drop object

    • For form fields click on the Field Type label

    • From form field options grab the re-order text


  • Rewrote the forms/form_fields/form_field_options to use accepts_nested_attributes_for (Tom Cocca)

  • Added a default prototype JS file and a helper method to include that file (Tom Cocca)

    • <%= javascript_include_tag :dynamic_forms_prototype %>

    • Start to make JS semi-unobtrusive for Adding/Removing the form_fields and form_field_options

  • Added the base for being able to provide meta options per form field, no longer one huge text are for comma separated options (Tom Cocca)

  • When a radio button select field is required make the first form_field_option selected by default if the form_submission value for that field is blank (Tom Cocca)


  • Added a confirmed? validation to ensure a checkbox was checked (Tom Cocca)

  • Added a RadioButtonSelect field type (Tom Cocca)

    • Allows you to specify options for each radio button

    • Displays the field label with radio buttons and a label for each option

    • Optional required? validation

  • Fixed the label and element id issues on the check box group checkboxes (Tom Cocca)


  • Added a configuration object (Tom Cocca)

    • Configured in an initializer

    • Generator script creates and initializer with documention on all the default settings


  • Added the ability to opt to have an email sent for each submission (Tom Cocca)

    • Can set this per form

    • If the form has file fields and the user has submitted files they are sent as attachments in the email


  • Added Form “Confirmation Text” which is displayed when a form is submitted successfully (Tom Cocca)

  • Fixed the bug when uploading the same file for multiple file fields in the same form, the file gets overwritten. Now, I prepend the onto the front of the file name. (Tom Cocca)

  • Added the changelog file (Tom Cocca)


  • Added a FileField option (Tom Cocca)

    • Ability to specify the mime types for each file field or leave blank to use the default mime type set


  • Made the validations more dynamic (Tom Cocca)

    • Moved to a serialized field, to store validations on a form field

  • Added more validations (Tom Cocca)

    • URL?

    • Email Address?

    • Phone Number?

    • Zip Code?


  • Made the validations cleaner, moved them to their own module (Tom Cocca)


  • Converted the plugin to an egine (Tom Cocca)

    • The generator now generates models

    • The engine loads routes (allows overwriting, stolen from clearance)


  • Added a Generator for Migrations (Tom Cocca)


  • Initial Plugin Released (Chris Powers)