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# The pre_start_cartridge and pre_stop_cartridge hooks are *SOURCED*
# immediately before (re)starting or stopping the specified cartridge.
# They are able to make any desired environment variable changes as
# well as other adjustments to the application environment.
# The post_start_cartridge and post_stop_cartridge hooks are executed
# immediately after (re)starting or stopping the specified cartridge.
# Exercise caution when adding commands to these hooks. They can
# prevent your application from stopping cleanly or starting at all.
# Application start and stop is subject to different timeouts
# throughout the system.
# First time in .openshift/lib/utils might not exist, so add a check
# to ensure file exists.
if [ -f "$OPENSHIFT_REPO_DIR/.openshift/lib/utils" ]; then
# Source utility functions.
source "$OPENSHIFT_REPO_DIR/.openshift/lib/utils"
# Setup path to include the custom Node[.js] version.
echo ""
echo " - pre_stop_nodejs: Adding Node.js version $ver binaries to path"
_SHOW_SETUP_PATH_MESSAGES="true" setup_path_for_custom_node_version
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