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%% @author Jacob Torrey <>
%% @copyright 2009 Jacob Torrey <>
%% @doc Socket operations for OSP programs
-export([send/2, recv/2, sendf/3, close/1]).
%% @type genericSocket() = {atom(), Sock}. A protocol independent socket wrapper
%% @doc A type/protocol inspecific send function
%% @spec send(genericSock(), any()) -> ok
send({udp, {Sock, Addr, Port}}, Data) when is_binary(Data) ->
gen_udp:send(Sock, Addr, Port, Data);
send({udp, {Sock, Addr, Port}}, Data) when is_list(Data) ->
gen_udp:send(Sock, Addr, Port, erlang:list_to_binary(Data));
send({udp, {Sock, Addr, Port}}, Data) when is_atom(Data) ->
gen_udp:send(Sock, Addr, Port, erlang:term_to_binary(Data));
send({tcp, Sock}, Data) when is_binary(Data) ->
gen_tcp:send(Sock, Data);
send({tcp, Sock}, Data) when is_list(Data) ->
gen_tcp:send(Sock, erlang:list_to_binary(Data));
send({tcp, Sock}, Data) when is_atom(Data) ->
gen_tcp:send(Sock, erlang:term_to_binary(Data)).
%% @doc A formatted send that uses the same arguments as io:format
%% @spec sendf(genericSocket(), list(), list()) -> ok
sendf(Sock, Template, Args) ->
send(Sock, io_lib:format(Template, Args)).
%% @doc Closes a socket (protocol inspecific)
%% @spec close(genericSocket()) -> ok
close({tcp, Sock}) ->
close({udp, {_Sock, _Addr, _Port}}) ->
%% @doc A 'safe' receive. A length of 0 will get a 'line' of data
%% @spec recv(genericSocket(), int()) -> binary() | {error, closed}
recv({tcp, Sock}, Len) ->
case gen_tcp:recv(Sock, Len) of
{ok, Bin} ->
Bin; % Return the received binary
{error, closed} ->
{error, closed}; % Return the closed atom if the socket is closed
Error ->
error_logger:error_msg("Socket receive error: ~p~n", [Error]),
exit(Error) % Uh oh!
recv({udp, {Sock, Addr, Port}}, 0) ->
recv({udp, {Sock, Addr, Port}}, <<"">>, 1);
recv({udp, {Sock, Addr, Port}}, Len) ->
recv({udp, {Sock, Addr, Port}}, <<"">>, Len).
recv({udp, {_Sock, _Addr, _Port}}, Bin, 0) ->
recv({udp, {Sock, Addr, Port}}, Bin, Len) ->
{packet, Packet} ->
recv({udp, {Sock, Addr, Port}}, list_to_binary([Bin, Packet]), Len - 1);
{error, closed} ->
{error, closed};
Error ->
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