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AWS4C - A C lbrary to interface with Amazon Web Services
Copyright (c) 2009 Vlad Korolev
with Contributions from Henry Nestler <Henry at>
See COPYING for license information.
This library needs following pre-requisites
* CURL (
* OpenSSL (
Authentication with AWS
AWS4C uses ~/.awsAuth file for retrieving AWS credentials the .awsAuth
has the format similar to UNIX passwd file. Each line of the file
should contain the following items, user ID, AWS Key ID, and AWS Key.
The items should be separated by colon ':'. The first item of each line
the user ID parameter is a record identifier. The record identifeir is
used by aws_read_config function to the AWS key id and the value to be used
by the library. The sample code supplied with this library uses ID 'sample'
Make sure to configure this ID in your .awsAuth file before running the
example programs.
Note the .awsAuth file should be owned by the user who is executing the
program and should have permissons such that it is only readable by the
Here is an example of the file:
Make sure that pre-requisites installed. Then run 'make' command to
build examples.
Edit the ~/.awsAuth file. Put the your AWS key for the sample ID
Run the following examples to test the library
sqs_example -- shows SQS interface
s3_put -- puts a file into S3
s3_get -- retrieves the file from S3
To integrate the library with your project copy aws4c.c and aws4c.h
into your project directory and edit your makefile accordingly
Refer to Makefile supplied with the library for guidance
Additional Info
API manual and additional information is available at