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# An unique identifier for the head node and workers of this cluster.
cluster_name: default
## NOTE: Typically for local clusters, min_workers == initial_workers == max_workers.
# The minimum number of workers nodes to launch in addition to the head
# node. This number should be >= 0.
# Typically, min_workers == initial_workers == max_workers.
min_workers: 0
# The initial number of worker nodes to launch in addition to the head node.
# Typically, min_workers == initial_workers == max_workers.
initial_workers: 0
# The maximum number of workers nodes to launch in addition to the head node.
# This takes precedence over min_workers.
# Typically, min_workers == initial_workers == max_workers.
max_workers: 0
# Autoscaling parameters.
# Ignore this if min_workers == initial_workers == max_workers.
autoscaling_mode: default
target_utilization_fraction: 0.8
idle_timeout_minutes: 5
# This executes all commands on all nodes in the docker container,
# and opens all the necessary ports to support the Ray cluster.
# Empty string means disabled. Assumes Docker is installed.
image: "" # e.g., tensorflow/tensorflow:1.5.0-py3
container_name: "" # e.g. ray_docker
# If true, pulls latest version of image. Otherwise, `docker run` will only pull the image
# if no cached version is present.
pull_before_run: True
run_options: [] # Extra options to pass into "docker run"
# Local specific configuration.
type: local
# How Ray will authenticate with newly launched nodes.
ssh_private_key: ~/.ssh/id_rsa
# Leave this empty.
head_node: {}
# Leave this empty.
worker_nodes: {}
# Files or directories to copy to the head and worker nodes. The format is a
# dictionary from REMOTE_PATH: LOCAL_PATH, e.g.
file_mounts: {
# "/path1/on/remote/machine": "/path1/on/local/machine",
# "/path2/on/remote/machine": "/path2/on/local/machine",
# List of commands that will be run before `setup_commands`. If docker is
# enabled, these commands will run outside the container and before docker
# is setup.
initialization_commands: []
# List of shell commands to run to set up each nodes.
- pip install -U ray
# Custom commands that will be run on the head node after common setup.
head_setup_commands: []
# Custom commands that will be run on worker nodes after common setup.
worker_setup_commands: []
# Command to start ray on the head node. You don't need to change this.
- ray stop
- ulimit -c unlimited && ray start --head --redis-port=6379 --autoscaling-config=~/ray_bootstrap_config.yaml
# Command to start ray on worker nodes. You don't need to change this.
- ray stop
- ray start --redis-address=$RAY_HEAD_IP:6379
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