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# This syntax is for ansible 2.2
- hosts: all
become: yes
- vars.yml
# Setup NTP services
- name: Ensure ntpdate is installed
apt: name=ntpdate state=present
- name: Ensure ntp is installed
apt: name=ntp state=present
- name: Ensure ntp is running and enabled at boot
systemd: name=ntp state=started enabled=yes masked=no
# We need aptitude for ansible apt module
- name: Ensure aptitude is installed
apt: name=aptitude state=present
# Update OS packages at least once a day
- name: Update apt package cache if older than one day
apt: upgrade=full update-cache=yes cache_valid_time=86400 autoremove=yes
- include: user-config.yml
- include: sysstat-config.yml
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