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At, we don't dislike "pay" songs, but do focus more on free ones. Eventually, we plan on adding google adwords to the site.

Also, eventually we plan on indexing all the "pay" LDS sheet music sites out there, and/or hosting our own possibly. Send us an email if you'd be interested in us doing this!

There are a couple of sites that offer "rotating" free songs. has one free (varying) sheet music pay song.

Peter Covino Also has some sheet music that is said to "change with time" though it appears to mostly be instrumental accompaniment parts.

Until then, here's a teeny list of some quality pay songs for choirs, for example, that aren't listed on our site:

  • Consider the Lilies
  • From Cumorah's Hill
  • In a Coming Day (song about Elder McConkie's last Testimony)
  • I Heard Him Come (Jeff Goodrich)
  • EFY Medley: As Sisters In Zion & We'll Bring the World His Truth
  • The lds choirbook (available from distribution, or online order)
  • Have you received his image in your countenance.
  • Tons more out there!

There are a lot more quality "pay" sites out there. Several sites listed on our resources page also include high quality pay music that we haven't indexed. We encourage you to check them all out, and purchase where possible.


PS You can add songs to the above pay list if you have more you'd like (just email us the details).

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