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All files (c) Roger Pack 2010-2011
All files released under the LGPL license [1] unless otherwise specified. Ping me if you want/need this changed at some point.
EDL (delete list/edit list/EDL) files are released under the Creative Commons License, however.
Note: may call out to some 3rd party libraries/executables under their own (separate, open source) licenses and distributions, but they are contained
packaged for convenience. They have their own source codes available.
Note also that we used parts of the 7-Zip program, that 7-Zip is licensed under the GNU LGPL license, see, where its source code can be found.
Ffmpeg is included, under the GPLv2:
unzip.exe is herein included, under the info-zip license:
Some binary builds of dvdid are also distributed here. See (in an email he said he'd release them under a BSD or other permissive type license)
TsMuxer binaries are included, with their own license, see vendor/tsmuxer1.10.6/licence.txt (it allows for redistribution).
See first also the file "documentation/is_it_legal_to_copy_dvds.txt" for more information on legal implications in your country.
[1] lgpl.txt file, or