A list of react native libraries of various qualities that you can use with expo, and ones you can't.
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Native Directory

Native Directory is a website where you can see all of the libraries that are compatible with React Native.

Website: https://www.native.directory/

How do I know I'm at the right place?

  • You made a repository on GitHub and you want the world to know it works with React Native.
  • You want to submit a pull request to improve Native Directory.
  • You want to report a bug or make a suggestion.

I don't like your website, can I hit an API instead and build my own better stuff?

Yeah of course:


  • Returns a list of all libraries in JSON format.


  • Returns a list of all libraries in JSON format that have the keyword webgl.


  • Returns a list of all libraries in JSON format that have the keyword webgl and work with expo.


  • Returns a list of all libraries in JSON format that have the keyword webgl and work with expo and android.

I don't like how you calculate health scores.

  • Submit a PR with changes to scripts/calculate-score.js.
  • You have all the power! Tell us what you want.

How do I add a library?

  • Add it to react-native-libraries.json.
  • Submit a PR.

Please follow this format and indentation:

  "githubUrl": "<THE GITHUB URL>",
  "ios": false,
  "android": false,
  "web": false,
  "expo": false
  • ios - works on iOS phones.
  • android - works on Android phones.
  • web - can be used in the browser.
  • expo - can be used without detaching an Expo application.

How do I run my own version locally?


  • Node 7.9.0+


With npm
npm install
npm run dev
With yarn
yarn add
yarn dev

You should be able to visit localhost:8000 in your browser.

How do I run npm run create-data with keys?

  • To update site data you need to provide a couple of keys in a file called secrets.json.
  • You must create your own secrets.json in the root directory of the repo.
  • Visit https://github.com/settings/developers to get your keys.

This command creates site data in ./build/data.json

npm run create-data

How do I deploy my own to production?

  • Site is hosted on Heroku.
  • You can deploy your own with your own heroku account and remote.
heroku login
heroku git:remote -a next-expo
git push heroku master