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Reckoner Demo

This repo is intended as a guide and a demo on how to use Reckoner.


Required Software


This will bootstrap a GKE cluster. You will have to set the project name.


This will install the Tiller in its own namespace and install linkerd. It also creates a cloudflare api token secret for use later.


This is the meat of the demo. This course.yml will setup all of the tooling in a Kubernetes cluster necessary for an operational cluster.


A controller to update DNS records based on ingresses and services.

Prometheus Adapter

Custom metrics provider for Kubernetes that allows scaling on Prometheus metrics from Linkerd2

Cert Manager

A controller that requests and updates Let's Encrypt Certificates

Rbac Manager

A controller that manages RBAC bindings and service accounts.

Nginx Ingress

An ingress controller based on Nginx that provides load balancing and ingress configuration from ingress objects with annotations.

TICK Stack

A full TICK stack for sending load test data to. Includes Grafana.


A Docker example app that utilizes two frontends, a postgres database, and redis.

Basic Demo

An app that constantly pings the backend and shows which pods you are connected to.

Load Generator

An in-cluster load generation tool that can be scaled using replicas.

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