Core occasionally cannot be downloaded from China #2713

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jpsim commented Oct 20, 2015

We've had several reports from users in China who sometimes cannot download Realm's core.

Realm hosts its core binaries in an AWS S3 bucket, available through Cloudflare via our domain. You're affected by this issue if those services are operational, you have a good internet connection, you're in mainland China and you're still getting the following error: Downloading core failed. Please try again once you have an Internet connection..

We're working with Cloudflare to improve our availability in China and will update this issue when we have more to announce.

In the meantime, please use a VPN or a prebuilt version of Realm available through our GitHub releases:

Thanks for your patience.

@jpsim jpsim added bug backlog labels Oct 20, 2015

Please note that through a change to the error handling of CURL in our script, this errors appears lately with the output as seen below:

[!] /bin/bash -c
set -e
sh cocoapods-setup

core is not a symlink. Deleting...
Downloading dependency: core 0.96.1
Downloading core failed:
curl: (56) SSLRead() return error -9806

Whenever the first download via CocoaPods has failed, the cache could be in a corrupt state. It might help in such cases to remove Realm from the CocoaPods cache, what can be achieved by running the following command:

rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/CocoaPods/Pods/**/Realm*

In addition, the integration in the project should be reset.

rm -rf /Pods

After that and ensuring that you've a working internet connection without restrictions, you can run the following:

pod install --verbose
This was referenced Feb 29, 2016

I am in china and has the same problem when I use VPN. The core realm package is 63MB, that is so big and the VPN is hard to download it. By looking the of realm, it use getconf DARWIN_USER_TEMP_DIR1 to get the tmp direction and check the $TMPDIR, if it has the core-${REALM_CORE_VERSION}.tar.bz2. So I download the by VPN and move it to $TMPDIR, then you can pod install. `getconf DARWIN_USER_TEMP_DIR`
2.curl -o realm-core-0.97.1.tar.bz2
(use VPN or use the website to help download on onedrive: ~/yourProjectDir/
4.pod install --verbose
Onetaway commented Apr 12, 2016 edited

@madawei2699 says the correct answer. I am also a developer in China.The solution is download realm-core-XXX.tar.bz2 and copy it into /tmp/ dir. So I suggested the maintainer to list the download url of each realm version.


Wish you fix this issue ASAP. Too many developer in China work without VPN.

xilin commented Aug 1, 2016

@Onetaway You can find the download url in
which is the value of CORE_URL


It's stop when "Downloading dependency: core 0.100.4".I tried these methods that mentioned above.

@bdash bdash referenced this issue Nov 18, 2016

pod realm failed #4342

bdash commented Nov 18, 2016 edited

After Realm 2.0.x you'd want to download realm-sync-cocoa-${REALM_SYNC_VERSION}.tar.xz from${REALM_SYNC_VERSION}.tar.xz into ${TMPDIR}/sync_bin, where REALM_SYNC_VERSION can be found at (currently 1.0.0-BETA-3.3), and TMPDIR should hopefully already be set in your shell environment (use getconf DARWIN_USER_TEMP_DIR if it's not).

xingheng commented Nov 22, 2016 edited

This is ridiculous, if the developers from China needs to download the zipped file to local temp directory to let cocoapods to detect it, why not just download the dylib/static framework and add the dependency to project manually directly?

All the pods just pass except the realm-cocoa for command pod install, cocoapods brings the conveniences for developers to manage the 3rd-party packages and easy integration way. If the realm team won't support it, the China developer should switch to manual way w/o any hesitation to use it.

BTW, that would be so nice to write a note/tips in file in github and, since this issue has blocked so many developers. @realm-admin

BTW, I'm a developer from China. Many thanks for your great job!

AllenHK commented Dec 9, 2016

I have the same problem even I use VPN and I solved it by downloading the dependence manually. In conclusion, you should download realm-core-XXX.tar.xz and realm-sync-cocoa-${REALM_SYNC_VERSION}.tar.xz, then put them into $TMPDIR/core/ and $TMPDIR/sync respectively.


I am not in China, and I am having lots of trouble installing realm. Here is the relevant bit from the "pod install verbose" output:
-> Installing Realm (2.1.1)

Git download
Git download
$ /usr/local/bin/git clone /var/folders/w4/x6y651ks4zq9jx00gbth2wd5hlmvrr/T/d20161219-5097-12umqi0
--template= --single-branch --depth 1 --branch v2.1.1
Cloning into '/var/folders/w4/x6y651ks4zq9jx00gbth2wd5hlmvrr/T/d20161219-5097-12umqi0'...
Note: checking out 'a6f8e282bdf9d44de635e44b3f8967addbdfd2c9'.

 You are in 'detached HEAD' state. You can look around, make experimental
 changes and commit them, and you can discard any commits you make in this
 state without impacting any branches by performing another checkout.
 If you want to create a new branch to retain commits you create, you may
 do so (now or later) by using -b with the checkout command again. Example:
   git checkout -b <new-branch-name>
 Checking out files: 100% (1101/1101), done.
 $ /usr/local/bin/git -C /var/folders/w4/x6y651ks4zq9jx00gbth2wd5hlmvrr/T/d20161219-5097-12umqi0 submodule update --init --recursive
 Submodule 'Realm/ObjectStore' ( registered for path 'Realm/ObjectStore'
 Cloning into '/private/var/folders/w4/x6y651ks4zq9jx00gbth2wd5hlmvrr/T/d20161219-5097-12umqi0/Realm/ObjectStore'...
 Submodule path 'Realm/ObjectStore': checked out 'bedfafd264ffe823a633cac582036ca31be69793'
 Submodule 'external/catch' ( registered for path 'Realm/ObjectStore/external/catch'
 Submodule 'external/pegtl' ( registered for path 'Realm/ObjectStore/external/pegtl'
 Cloning into '/private/var/folders/w4/x6y651ks4zq9jx00gbth2wd5hlmvrr/T/d20161219-5097-12umqi0/Realm/ObjectStore/external/catch'...
 Cloning into '/private/var/folders/w4/x6y651ks4zq9jx00gbth2wd5hlmvrr/T/d20161219-5097-12umqi0/Realm/ObjectStore/external/pegtl'...
 Submodule path 'Realm/ObjectStore/external/catch': checked out 'f294c9847272b1b92c5119a6f711e57113b5f231'
 Submodule path 'Realm/ObjectStore/external/pegtl': checked out '3c4128a7e7e1288eb746418ea60c41477358f26a'

Running prepare command
$ /bin/bash -c set -e sh cocoapods-setup
[!] /bin/bash -c
set -e
sh cocoapods-setup

wtf is going on??

jpsim commented Dec 19, 2016

@danat8x8 what's wrong with the installation? The log output you shared doesn't seem to indicate a failure of any kind...

If by your own admission your issue is unrelated to what this issue is tracking, why not open a new issue, taking care to fill out the new issue template, and include the full output of pod install --verbose? Thanks!


apologies, I was typing before thinking. there is an error when it tries to install Realm, that I can't resolve. I'll open another issue.

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