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Log when a thing is thrown out in UserController.

Hopefully this helps track down the cause of disappearing
items on the /liked and /disliked pages as well as providing
verification of new query cache stuff.
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commit 4111c7338a7c9cb1fd21a0fe3a94a7c608f73a9b 1 parent 6ab11b3
@spladug spladug authored
Showing with 9 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +9 −0 r2/r2/controllers/
9 r2/r2/controllers/
@@ -534,10 +534,19 @@ def keep(item):
wouldkeep = (item._date > utils.timeago('1 %s' % str(self.time)))
if c.user == self.vuser:
if not item.likes and self.where == 'liked':
+ g.log.warning("unliked thing %s on liked page for %s",
+ item.fullname,
return False
if item.likes is not False and self.where == 'disliked':
+ g.log.warning("undisliked thing %s on disliked page for %s",
+ item.fullname,
return False
if self.where == 'saved' and not item.saved:
+ g.log.warning("unsaved thing %s on saved page for %s",
+ item.fullname,
return False
return wouldkeep and (getattr(item, "promoted", None) is None and
(self.where == "deleted" or
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