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3D Snapchats. We wanted to build something cool, something that involved a 3DS. Not your typical hackathon hack, right?
4 webservers. One in PHP. one in Node.JS. and two more in Flask, because why not.
2 clients. Mobile (iOS/Android) and 3DS.

Oh, and Eric wrote a blog post about the hack.


  • running custom code on a 3DS
  • taking pictures with a 3DS and using HTTP POST to transfer it across the web
  • receiving pictures with a 3DS and rendering them in 3D without giving the user a headache
  • taking stereoscopic 3D images with a smartphone that only has one camera
  • rendering such images on a smartphone and crafting a 3D appearance

the process:

  1. hack 3DS and do tons of reverse engineering, evil bit hacks and guessing to interface with 3DS hardware
  2. figure out how to take stereoscopic 3D images - with iPhones, Android phones, and the 3DS.
  3. render 3D stuff everywhere.
  4. and you have...


Created with tears and <3 @ BoilerMake 2015.


MIT License