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What is this about?

When you join the company (after successfully completing trial period), we need to bring you up to our level, or maybe you need to bring us to your level. ;) We believe that the best way to make sure we're on the same page is to show you some videos and articles, so here they are. Bill the time spent doing this to RT / onboarding. Please put the title of the video or article into the work subject note.

You don't need to see all of it in one go. You're free to adjust your pace to the speed of your initial transition into the project. If the transition is quick (you do lots of coding on your first day), slow it down and watch some training material every day. If the transition is slow due to questions, timezones, environment issues, and other blocking problems, then report those and watch some training material.

You are expected to watch or read everything that matches your position within two weeks from starting the work with the company (after trial period is finished completely).

Trial candidates

This section is for the trial candidates in the second of three stages of the trial (after 567 and IoT db design have been checked and the paper version of the legal agreement has started to be processed). The rest of the sections are meant for after-trial staff.

All staff

All staff that has anything to do with software development

Business travel

For now, you can skip it, but read it before you go on your first business trip:

Technical staff

(coders, sysops, devops etc - people who primarily work with machines)


This section is divided into sort filters, sort of. See each section and find out if it applies to you. If it does, watch it all.

all developers

all junior developers

all frontend developers

junior frontend developers

intermediate frontend developers

all backend developers

senior backend developers

all python developers

Why pathlib is fun:

>>> import platform
>>> platform.system()
>>> from pathlib import Path
>>> base_path = Path('/usr')
>>> lib = base_path / 'lib'
>>> lib
>>> import platform
>>> platform.system()
>>> from pathlib import Path
>>> base_path = Path('C:\Windows')
>>> system = base_path / 'system'
>>> system

junior python developers

intermediate python developers

senior python developers

junior quality assurance engineers

Non-technical staff

(leaders, managers, salesmen etc - people who primarily work with people and products)



(3 min video);


Lean project managers

bonus material