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Search plugin for Refinery CMS

Powered by: acts_as_indexed - Check his readme and documentation for more info on how it works.


Simply use this by adding the following to your Gemfile:

gem 'refinerycms-search', '~> 2.0.0'

Now, run bundle install

Next, to install the search plugin run:

rails generate refinery:search

Run database migrations:

rake db:migrate

Finally seed your database and you're done.

rake db:seed

RE-SAVE all records that have not been indexed before.

A sample search form can be found in views/refinery/shared/_search.html.erb. You can either use this partial directly, or copy the appropriate parts.


The default installation will search in Pages. If you wish to find results in other plugins you have created or installed, you can specify these in config/application.rb like so:

config.to_prepare do
  Refinery.searchable_models = [Refinery::Page]

Simply add any additional models you wish to search to this array. For example, if you have the portfolio plugin installed:

config.to_prepare do
  Refinery.searchable_models = [Refinery::Page, Refinery::PortfolioEntry]

The above line will add indexing to PortfolioEntry in the portfolio plugin, which does not come indexed.

Any model you wish to search will need to be indexed using acts as indexed. To add indexing, simple add:

acts_as_indexed :fields => [:title, :body]

If your model doesn't use a :title attribute, remember to add an alias_attribute:

alias_attribute :title, :name #for example

You can use any public method, as well. So if you have :first_name and :last_name but a method like name to join them, it can be indexed.

acts_as_indexed :fields => [:name, :biography]


def name
  [first_name, last_name].reject(&:blank?).join(' ')

You will need to replace the indexed fields with those appropriate for your model.

If you wish to override the url used in the search results just add a url method to your model and the result of this method will be used instead.

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