nice gem, but can't get lat/lng #21

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I wasn't able to retrieve the latitude/longitude from various images using:'enkhuizen.jpg').gps.latitude'enkhuizen.jpg').gps.longitude

... however, the following does work:'enkhuizen.jpg').gps_latitude'enkhuizen.jpg').gps_longitude

Perhaps it's a typo or maybe there are camera where gps.latitude works ?

I tried these cameras: Nikon (Coolpix P6000), Ricoh (Caplio 500SE), Pentax (Optio WG-1 GPS), and a Ricoh (Caplio Pro G3).


remvee commented Aug 3, 2011

The gps accessor will be available in the next release. See the commit log for the chronology.

@remvee remvee closed this Aug 3, 2011

Cool, I look forward to it ... thanks.

saravk commented Sep 10, 2011

Im looking forward to it as well.. In the meantime i using the following code to extract the lat/lng values from the EXIF data..

arr = exif.gps_latitude = arr[0].to_f + arr[1].to_f/60 + arr[2].to_f/3600 *= exif.gps_latitude_ref == 'S' ? -1 : 1

arr = exif.gps_longitude
pic.lng = arr[0].to_f + arr[1].to_f/60 + arr[2].to_f/3600
pic.lng *= exif.gps_longitude_ref == 'W' ? -1 : 1
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