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Welcome to TempOS


Sources: git clone


TempOS = TempOS is an educational and multi purpose Operating System

TempOS was born for an undergraduate work and has it's your main goal
to be not only another Operating System, but a complete toolkit
designed to help students on their O.S. courses.

TempOS it's under a true development stage, which means that it's
not complete functional yet. The parts currently done are:

	- Multiboot implementation to Boot TempOS with GRUB
	- Page system working with 4Kb pages
	- Re-allocable kernel to 3GB on virtual space
	- A simple memory manager
	- A simple keyboard driver
	- A simple serial driver
	- IRQ system with shared IRQs support
	- Alarm timers
	- A poor video (text mode) driver
	- System calls support
	- Generic ATA driver
	- Kernel Multithreading


TempOS was born as an undergraduate project designed by
Renê de Souza Pinto (computer engineering student) at
University of São Paulo - USP, at São Carlos, from Brazil.
The principal goal it's build a O.S. as a toolkit to help
students at their O.S. courses, providing a real and not so
complex project that students can put their hands on,
understanding the principles and theories of Operating Systems
in a pratical way.


TempOS was written by Renê de Souza Pinto and supervised by
the PhD professor Francisco José Monaco, at University of
São Paulo - USP, from São Carlos - Brazil.

Author E-mail:
      (in portuguese)

PhD professor: Francisco José Monaco


  • kernel: Source code of the kernel.
  • rootfs: Root file system (files, directories, scripts, etc).
  • apps: Applications to run on TempOS.